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About Us

WHAMMM is a cannabis site based out in Southern California. We specialize in cultivation, manufacturing and packaging. We are currently operating 3 facilities with an excess of 950 flowing lights indoor. WHAMMM prides itself in having high quality cannabis. Only top of the line flower we grow in our 3 facilities with an excess of 950 lights indoor. Our cultivator specializes in growing premium cannabis for the sophisticated connoisseur. 

​Whammm is cannabis for the masses. With 3 operating indoor cultivations and a manufacturing lab, Whammm prides itself in offering quality and affordability. By controlling every step of our cultivation process, we have been able to scale to a flowering space in excess of 950 lights with more cultivation facilities in our sights. With the growth, expansion and integration between our facilities and staff, we have been able to reach a level of premium cannabis products for the sophisticated connoisseur at a fair and reasonable price. Please enjoy our cannabis safely. Open a bag of Whammm today and let it smack your senses.

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